Democracy is dead in Canada

Democracy is dead in Canada as proven by the Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP). When I first learned of CNP with its “Canada First” and “Traditional version of Canada” policies and directions, I immediately wanted to support it and joined as a member.

In 2019 the members were seeking Party registration with Elections Canada and once eligible, a group known as which is government funded and seeks to profit by squelching political opposition to the current government, threatened to release publicly the names and addresses of CNP registrars as is their right to do so for those names and addresses were public record and made available to anyone who asked for them.

As reported by CBC news, even former Winnipeg Police Chief warned that trying to publicly shame CNP members could incite violence not only for CNP members but for their families and children by those who don't agree with CNPs political opinions. Despite the consequences of Elections Canada and actions, they did not heed the Police Chiefs warning.

The news report can be seen here:

Canadian Nationalist Party concerned about release of members' identities

Furthermore shortly after Party registration, CNP sought to rent publicly funded spaces such is in local Legions, libraries and University campuses for meetings but were denied without reason.

Now ask yourself do you still think we're living in a Democracy?


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