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Gus Stefanis decapitates demonic statue

"Mysterious sculpture appears in Toronto park" It's sad to see that during the Christmas season someone decides to erect an evil Satanic demonic effigy and even more sad that people are going and making offerings to it. This is the result of Libertarian thinking, that people should have freedom of expression, this freedom allows pornography as art and Cultural-Marxism to infect all levels of society.  You can't have freedom to subvert a nation and McCarthyism at the same time accusing Globalists, Communists and International Bankers of trying to enslave you. We need to fight for a higher level of culture, ethics and aesthetics and suppress barbarism, degeneracy and the grotesque. "Sculpture in Toronto park vandalized by white nationalist" Original video on my Patriot Gus YouTube channel here  https:/

Gus Stefanis defamed by Evan Balgord

Evan Balgord is the Executive Director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network ( who describes himself as an Anti-fascist (ANTIFA) to which the President of the United States will be designating terrorist organization.                                                          June 21, 2020. Source: TWITTER                                          Red Guards  Anti-fascist (ANTIFA) President Donald Trump tweets “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist organization.”                                         May 31, 2020. Source: TWITTER Some feel that Evan Balgord writes defamatory articles about people and organizations whose opinions he disagrees with. He wrote an article about Canadian Nationalist Party candidate Gus Stefanis in which he falsely labelled him as “neo-Nazi” which clearly he is not.                                   Gus Stefanis at Scarborough-Guildwood care convoy for Frontline Workers. John Klein lays bare the hypocrisy, intole