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Satanic Vampires run

 It may sound far fetched that Satanic Vampires work for but let's take a closer look at their staff writers. Kurt Phillips is an board member since 2020 but before that he was the founder of and former lead writer for Anti-Racist Canada for more than 12 years using the anonymous username "Nosferatu200". Nosferatu Vampire   Kurt Phillips still uses a Vampire emoji on his twitter profile. Another reporter seems to be anonymous going by the name "Rayne" who could be the same "Agt. BloodRayne" that collects information on Canadians that have different political opinions than their own.  If you google "Blood Rayne" you'll find disturbing images such as this: "Agt. BloodRayne" using same Vampire emoji on their twitter profile. There are several other anonymous characters who collect information for such as "YVCE" that also uses Vampire emojis on their twitter profile. Source: